Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Prop 8


So close, and yet.

This isn't over.... and I have one more *major* Prop 8 rant coming after this one.

I still have hope that some day this piece of ... religious bigotry will be erased. Unfortunately we have to wait for most of the selfish, petty & closed-minded to die of old age.

Way to go people. Screw "Live and let live". Forget "Thou shalt not judge." Embrace "Hate thy neighbor" and save the children from your imaginary harms.

As if same gender parents is worse than being a child of divorce. Prop 8 perpetuates the need for conservative gay Californians to LIE and let themselves be wrongly trapped in straight marriages. Marriages that often fail years later.

I strongly believe that Churches deserve to lose their tax exempt status for pushing Prop 8.

Let that be next election's Prop 8, I'll rally for it.

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