Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hmm. So... a year ago today, on my 39th birthday, I started a one year count-down, 52 weeks until 40. 51, 50, 49, ... 3, 2, 1, today. The point of this weekly nonsense was to remind myself that time, if ignored, will slip by quickly. That the things I WANT to do, need to be started NOW or they will never be. Sometimes I wonder if I still have enough youth, stamina, attention span and sense of purpose to see any of my crazy projects through.

So, now that the silly count-down is done, I have little to show for it. Not once through that entire year did I come up with a compelling idea or venture to embark upon that was sufficient to pry me out of the rut I'm rolling in. In one sense, it's depressing that I'm not trying for more... in another happier sense, it means I'm enjoying where I am.

Anyway, the anticipation is done with... and I'm content to continue on until things change sufficiently to strike out for something new, neither dreading nor yearning for that day.