Thursday, July 29, 2010


My dreams are filled with architectural metaphors which usually echo my state of mind, from crumbling cliff top towers to solid sprawling industrial facilities.

This morning I dreamt I was visiting Venhattanice, a city that was half Manhattan and half Venice Italy. Ornate towers of bizarre design, their lowest floors half filled with water. Bars and stores with people floating about in delicate single occupant teacup shaped boats.

I rented a brass and canvas contraption that was mostly bicycle, equipped with small sails that could both float and fly, and took off exploring the city with my ?compaion?pet? a small feathery creature that could fit in the palm of my hand... wingless, it had characteristics of both penguin and seagull without being either... and it literally bounced with curiosity and awe.

It would dash back and forth in the wire basket of my flying sail bike pointing which way to go with its funny little beak, and I would pedal our way from one strange neighborhood through even more bizarre and curious places buzzing with people all going about their business on a warm/cool early summer day.

Night fell, I returned the flying-sail-bike, said goodbye to my companion and woke... and I've felt the same sense of giddy, warm, happy, goofy, wonder for hours since, and on my daily walk through the neighborhood, I watched it infecting the people around me.

Hard to imagine a more perfect day. =)