Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Globlal WARming Hoax

Stumbled across some random post stating that arctic melting is proceeding faster than scientists predicted, and saw, rather to my surprise... number of 'global warming' denier trolls spewing illogical irrelevant drivel in response. Are these people paid to spread doubt? Is it some religious conviction that drives them? Are they so enamored of their hummers and top-of-the-food-chain wasteful consumerist habits that they fear eco-friendly policies will threaten their freedom to trash the planet?

Who knows.

To use an analogy... it isn't the driving around at unsafe speeds that kills you... it's the loss of control and the collision with an unavoidable object.

The climate IS changing, and rapidly. Ice that has been carbon dated back centuries ago is melting away, this isn't some "natural cycle" or that ice would have melted off in a previous cycle and wouldn't be there to measure today.

The question isn't "are we causing this" it's "where are things going at this rate?"

As the global climate begins to spin out of control, are there big nasty immovable obstacles it's going to run into? What kind of planet are we going to have 50 years from now? How many stronger storms and record extremes can we withstand before it starts causing problems for the industries that feed the rest of us?

And the deniers? Probably conservative seniors who still believe they'll see The Rapture before they kick the bucket, so who don't care if the world burns.

If I ran the world... Deniers would be denied air conditioning in the summer. See if that gets them to change their tune.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Continental Divide

Ran into a little surprize on my way back to San Diego today... *SNOW* Whee!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recent Citings...

My new device in SecondLife had a wonderful mention on the NPIRL blog this week...

And I was intereviewed for a very an extremely flattering French article at (Machine-translated English Version)

(and even if you don't care much about SecondLife, the pics on both are very nicely done and worth a peek =)