Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anti-8 Rally

Mr.-Flier-Destroyer failed in his mission to avert today's rally.

My camera phone is tragic... these shots don't properly convey the magnitude of the march. It stretched from the north end of Balboa Park to downtown, (2-3 miles). It was packed with chanters of "What do we want? Equal Rights! When do we want it? Right now!" and "Gay, Straight, Black, White, Marriage is a Civil Right!".

I saw less than five Yes-On-8 counter-protesters along the route. Volunteers successfully encouraged the marchers to just ignore them... (though there was this nine year old girl spoiling for a confrontation... but her parents reigned her in).

I jumped out of the parade a few times to get a good vantage point, and could see neither the head nor the tail of the procession. Of the people I could see, I would guess around 80,000, with unknown more further ahead and behind. And, yes, there were many black people marching with us.

This had none of the flamboyance of a pride parade, the mood was much more serious.

The message was clear: We believe that America is about Justice and Liberty for ALL.

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