Tuesday, November 25, 2008


At last. This has been brewing for a while, and I hope this will be my last rant on Prop 8. For now.

My open letter to Prop 8 supporters (and opponents as well):

Please tell me who is the man and the woman in this line from a very popular 80's song:

    "I can't stand this indecision, married with a lack of vision.
    Everybody wants to rule the world...
    " -- Tears for Fears (1985)

Then, GOOGLE for "married it to" and try answering the same question for the thousands of pages you see "married" used in regards to concepts, technology, music, food, ideologies and more.

The term "marriage" is OBVIOUSLY not limited to humans. It is a term, like "mixing" "adding" or "combining" that has a clear and specific meaning, for which no other word is adequate.

And you ... you flagrant hypocrites ... YOU accuse US of attempting to re-define "marriage"?

When it is YOU, running around like crazy doomsday prophets, screaming "Only 1 man and 1 woman!" You act as if that one statistically dominant characteristic of marriage is MORE important then the love, the oaths of fidelity, the commitment, the joining of two together for life, and all the many other aspects of marriage.

This is like trying to define "human" as "only bipeds with opposable thumbs". Yes, the vast majority are lucky to fit that definition. Your pathetic definition does not make the unlucky "non-human". If you are going to re-define things like crazy people, you might as well believe that "Socrates is a dog" and wash your hands of logic and reason entirely.

And, speaking of definitions, have you even bothered to check a dictionary lately? Here, try http://www.merriam-webster.com, or http://dictinary.com Go on, read the ENTIRE definition. I'll wait.

So anyway...

Congratulations. You have successfully crammed your sanctimonious thumbs into the eyes of the government of the State of California, effectively blinding it so that it can no longer recognize gay marriage, even though it is clearly standing right there in plain sight.

You've even fooled many of the citizens into thinking that gay marriage requires state recognition.


In this country, we are guaranteed Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Despite your attempts to destroy the beliefs of nearly half the voters in California, you can NOT take away:

Our right to SAY that we are married.

Our right to BELIEVE that we are married.

Our right to LIVE as married couples.

Some day the state will recover from the McCarthist Freedom-Destroying attack that left it blinded to reality. Until then...

We may not be recognized by the state.

But we will be HEARD until we are SEEN.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Beautiful One! I'm surprised that no one has yet commented on this passion-filled post. I'll add my support. Hear Hear!