Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Are single-player games doomed?

Saw a link to Are single-player games doomed? on one of my regular surfing stops, Penny Arcade.

The basic premise seems to be this: Historically people always played games together. Then computer games appeared, and became popular, but internet connectivity was scarce/non-existent. Now that the internet is nearly omnipresent, single-player games will soon become a thing of the past because only introverted social retards will play single-player games and no one is going to market to them. (Okay, so I'm paraphrasing and adding a lot of bias, deal with it.)

Anyway... I have one response to the idea that single-player games are "doomed": "So... iPods, car stereos and headphones are doomed because historically, people always listened to music together."

Duuuuh. Because they HAD to. Now, we can play games or music alone or together. Those options are not "doomed". Sheesh. What next? We've got book clubs and text messages now, so maybe "single-person reading" is doomed? (it may very well be... but blame YouTube for that. ;))

(is it just me... or is "will soon become a thing of the past" a very goofy bit of temporal semantic nonsense?)

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