Tuesday, April 3, 2007

wah wah wah

Color me CRANKY. Been under the weather for days. What is this, the asian bird flu? Did I eat something toxic? I dunno. I don't care. Just freaking fed up with it. Thought I was getting over it yesterday, but nnOOOOooo. *sigh*

Maybe someone snuck some maltodextrin into my "Non-Dairy" smoothie. GRRRR.

I'm allergic to WHEY PROTEIN.... which comes from milk and exists in butter, cheese, cream, milk, ice cream, yogurt, most protein bars, many sports drinks and the AIR in Earth's northern hemisphere apparently.

When people try pass things off as "non-dairy" when they are, in fact, "less dairy" items really... well, it really CHEESES ME OFF. I''ve actually seen a "Non-dairy Cheesecake - Made with Soy! okay... Great! I'll have a piece. no... wait better be sure... So, no cheese, no milk, no butter in this at all? What? They just use 75% as much cheese and make up the difference with soy? Wow, I guess I'll just be Non-dead afterwards. You know, only 75% dead... with the remaining 25% of me hating you for being a big fat LIAR. *A*A*A*R*G*G*G*H*H*

I managed to get my mind off of my "internal arrangement" for a while... and watched "Man of the Year" (Robin Williams pretends to be a "Daily Show with Jon Stewart"-type and runs for president). Not bad and it had it's moments. Something was off about it though... probably me.

I shouldn't blog, email, forum, chat, play... I'm just way too snippy and angry right now. Not like anyone else notices much, I'm probably more rude when I'm happy and not guarding what I say as closely. *grumble*

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