Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Letters of Transit

I've been a regular on the SecondLife forums for the two years. The link Elinor sent me ages ago is so so painfully true. It starts with "If you play an online game that you enjoy, there's one surefire way to spoil the experience: read the forums on the official site. There you will find a vast underworld of lost souls keening their misery onto your screen." (here)

No more. It feels good to help someone out from time to time, and it can be satisfying to cripple someone's lame selfish argument (of which there are far too many), but I started becoming too much of a nag. As the various official forums were closed down due to rampant abuse, the few remaining useful areas became increasingly chaotic. What with my moderately obsessive compulsive sticklerishness for rules and such... that became a problem.

One particular set of 'business' folks are campaigning for a change and tromping carelessly through one of my favorite forums there to 'raise awareness', and, frankly, that was the last straw. They win. I'm done.

So, I've said my goodbye's and unsubscribed from a few hundred threads.

I need a nicotine patch or a rubber band on my wrist to snap to keep me from going back. The urge is already there to see how or if people reacted to my walking out.

No no... be good *snap*. Walk on. *snapsnap* We'll always have Paris....

Last Nights Movie: Casablanca What a classic. :)

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