Monday, September 28, 2009


For anyone else that may be playing (or interested in playing)... Aion.

I currently have 5 Asmodian characters, all on Yustiel:

Jopsy - Chanter
Tortis - Templar
Jopster - Spirit Master
Jormungand - Sorcerer
Presto - Mule (err... Spirit master)


Ethereal Felinoid said...

As much as I REALLY don't need another online to diistract me from what I SHOULD be doing in RL. I will be breaking down to getting Aion this week. See you in-world soon.

Jopsy said...

I've let my Aion account expire after the first free month. If they fix the memory problem that causes the game to crash in heavy pvp battles, I'll probably re-subscribe. Right now it's just too frustrating.

Anonymous said...

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