Saturday, November 14, 2009

9/11 terrorists coming to trial in NYC

Apparently the right wing is all up in arms about how terrible/awful/bad/unsafe/disrepectful this is -->

Only because they rely on their strength of numbers can they get away with this cowardly ignorant un-American hypocritical protest.

We are a nation of LAW. Bush undermined that by fiat when he ignored due process, and the rest of our government was too shocked/intimidated/confused or sold-out to protest as they should have. So much for liberty and justice for all.

Yes. The terrorists are not U.S. citizens, and technically not protected by our constitution or bill of rights. Ask yourself this... they committed the crime HERE. Where should they be tried? HERE. How is that not blatently obvious? Even the supreme court seems to agree (in Boumediene_v._Bush)

"But American lives will at risk if they get off on a technicality". Excuse me? Imagine you're a terrorist who helped bring down the world trade center... and now you have a chance of being set free... Which is the LAST city on this planet you'd want to be set free in? Hm? If you paused even a moment before saying "New York City" you're an idiot.

Will "Americans" be hurt by these trials? Likely yes... the bastards that ignored American law and principles may be be exposed for what they are: instruments of a tyranny. They are people that brought shame on this country in how they responded to this attack and have disgraced us in the eyes of the rest of our planet. They made hypocrites of us all.

To use some of the right's vile rhetoric: "We invite future terrorist attacks by..." by showing we're so quick to disregard our laws and ethics... things that we, as a nation, hold to be an inherent definition of what we stands for.

Not to make light of 9/11, but if we forget who we are anytime some jihadist knocks down a few buildings... they're going to continue trying just for the sport of it, like a malicious child tormenting ant hills to see the fury and chaos that results.

Bringing these people to trial is a good thing. And they all should come to trial, not some of them secreted away to 'military tribunals'.

It is time to stop playing at their level and return to our own.

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