Friday, October 3, 2008

Bill vs. Barney

I normally avoid anything to do with the unstable attack dog that Olbermann refers to as 'Bill Orally'.

I made an exception because I wanted to see how Barney Frank weathered the assault.

Frank may as well have been muted. O'Reilly's voice was nearly twice as loud, he yelled and shouted over everything, complete with spittle and hand chopping mannerisms that were very much like Hitler.

... No, no, I'm NOT "comparing" O'Reilly to Hitler... I'm just saying they have similar speaking styles.

Ultimately though... the above clip is a blatent piece of gay bashing thinly veiled under an economic/legislative issue.

And, as much as I'm disgusted with the waste of space that is Bill O'Reilly...

I don't see him as the problem.

The problem is that this country has a large market for his particular brand of infantile illogical egotistical hate-mongering and bullying. He wouldn't be where he is now if that weren't the case.

And that same demographic apparently gravitates towards McCain.

There can be no Liberty, Justice or Freedom in places where tyrants and bullies are glorified.

It's time for the 'average angry emasculated white males' to take their prozac and calm down.

Too long they've been clutched by the feverish fear that they've lost their exhalted position of priviledge to 'those greedy overweening minorities'.

And in their fear, they've elevated 'angry white men' like Bush, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity, & Co. in the misguided belief that they're all on the same team, that while they may be intolerant bullies, at least they'll look out for their own.

Which is as foolish as blue collar working families supporting the 'Capitalist' party that consistently exploits them, instead of voting for a more 'Labor' oriented party that would be more supportive of their plight.

Anyway. What is it... 87.5% of people that are incapable of anything but 'Group Think'?

We need better "Group Leaders" and it's up to the remaining 12.5% of us to find and help them.

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