Saturday, September 13, 2008

Super Sporific

I've been playing Spore since it arrived this Thursday evening. Above you see my first three to reach the Space Exploration Stage, each along different tactics: Religion, War and Economic.

The game play is fun, some stages fly by to quickly, some drag a little. Chief complaint is not being able to reverse the up/down controls. The "SIM-speak" the creatures yabber in while in the Tribal Stage cracks me up every time.

The final stage, the space exploration part, seems endless and diverse, from diplomacy to colonization and terraforming, trade to conquest, improving your ship and fleet as you advance.

I've already run into creatures created by several real-world friends at various stages in the game. Sadly, many such friend created creatures went the way of extinction. They will be missed. (Mainly because they were tasty.)

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SDBanjo said...

Nice! I've seen a couple of your gang in my creature stage. We'll see if they show up as I progress through civilization!