Monday, September 15, 2008

Over Time

I'm decent at remembering where I know someone from, even if I tend to be very average about remembering their name.

Today, however, I was asked "Where do I know you from" by a young man operating a cash register.

I had no clue.

He had the kind of eyes that I would not quickly forget, so I assumed I didn't know him and he must have mistaken me for someone else.

Then he remembered where he knew me from.

He lived with his dad next door to me (2000-2003ish) and must have been just starting high school. Everything about his face seemed different... except his grin.

I always get a kind of temporal vertigo when I run into an adult that I last saw as a child. I feel like I've jumped forward in time quite abruptly.

It was very cool to run into him again, and I hope his dad is doing well. The neighborhood hasn't been the same since they moved away.

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Zathris said...

I've also experienced the temporal shift when one see's a child pop to adult the single moment of a fireing of synapse.

For me it's like a brain electrical storm EMP's my thoughts for a second or two as a seeming logic glitch is detected and a wave of ECC traffic floods my head seeking confirmation of what can't possibly be. B)