Monday, February 4, 2008

The Particle Laboratory

I've been thinking about re-modelling my Particle Laboratory. The "floating raft" is nicer now that it has the "flying glacier" look. (Strictly seasonal, was more flying tropical island like in warmer months).

Here is the lab now in all it's cluttered glory:

and here's the slightly more structured "sci-fi very low orbit space station" style I'm thinking of moving towards:

As always, nothing ever is set in stone, it's all, (ahem) "up in the air". ;)


Dia said...

Only recently, I discovered the Particle Laboratory... in all its brilliance. The flying glaciers strike me as more original and organically beautiful than the Space Station make-over you're considering... but as an artist, I understand the need to keep one's creations constantly evolving. You've designed a rich, engaging, beneficial realm, and I look forward to exploring your other SL creations too. Thank you for your generosity in sharing these efforts, and making it educational. I am a graphic designer, fairly new to SL. Wish I had a knack for code.... ! Do you ever barter? Would you like your marvelous realms to have some original music? I am an enchanter of fairies. Have a listen:

Bettina Tizzy said...

Was just checking in to see what one of my favorite creators was up to and I do so like your thoughts on ways to evolve the design of the Laboratory. I'm finding that the vast majority of users don't need rails, so your idea of using staggered elevated platforms sounds rather nice.