Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dream home...

If you know me, and a certain car issue, this will seem right on target.

In a dream last night, I was out for a nice long walk, through San Diego's "Little Italy" area. As happens in my dreams it wasn't exactly right, it was mixed up with someplace else, in this case, the Hamptons in NY. In this charming, beachy urban themed neighborhood I saw a house and then gasped, "Oh my god... I bought that house a year ago! How could I have forgotten?"

Sure enough the key on my keychain fit the front door, which was unlocked anyway. Inside was clean, but barren. Light wood floors, open airy rooms, I was filled with the pride of ownership... and a nagging concern that was justified the moment I went upstairs and ran into about ten squatters lounging about on floor mattresses. They were all between 20 and 30 years old. They looked like the cast of some MTV reality tv show actually.

I woke up at that point, and am still wondering how I would have handled the situation.


Sofian said...

I can help you.

In the menu you choose World / About Land and here the folder Ban.

Then you check the box "Ban these squatters" and press the button Add...

You only have to enter their names and when it is done you close the window.

You will have the great satisfaction to see them all be ejected from your lovely home.

I am always happy to give a helping hand to a friend.

Oh by the way, I dreamt this tutorial last night, what a coincidence...

Jopsy said...

Ban them!? I was gonna charge them rent! =)