Thursday, December 6, 2007

On Freedom from Religion...

Regarding Presidential hopefully, Mitt Romney's recent speach about his Mormon faith:

I do agree with most of the points he raises... except the bits that sound like the same thinly veiled contempt some "God Fearing Christians" express towards non-believers, secular humanists, atheists, polytheists, and agnostics, etc.

I suppose that contempt is present on both sides of that fence.

When exposed to Christian doctrine, people must choose for themselves whether they believe 'The Bible' is: 'Well-Intended Fiction', or 'Written by Mankind but Inspired by Divine Grace' or 'The Infallible Word of the Almighty Creator'.

So, why is it that those those pesky secular humanists can't just leave it as "well-intended fiction" and put up with a little "Under God" once in while?

Because, to them, it must make otherwise very serious matters sound absolutely childish and absurd. Imagine for a moment, if people went around saying: "In Aslan we trust", "Paul Bunyan Bless America!", or "One nation under Gandalf".

"I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, may The Force help me."


Valerie said...

For me, Dylan Moran's rant on the subject is apropos:

I respect all the difference between the major religions... And the minor ones, too.

When it comes to religion, I respect all the differences... but I would say that if you believe in any of it, you're a moron.

Because the thing is, to me it really is just people talking about their imaginary friend. At length. Somebody who's not there. I don't mind that — whatever gets you off, you know. But some of them are world leaders, which does give you pause for thought...

Jopsy said...

My sentiments exactly. Terrifying how often those 'invisible friends' seem to stir up trouble between people.

Nothing for it, but to exorcise those irrational demons... "The power of Spock compels you, the power of Spock compels you!" ;)

Tamson said...

I am so sick of the political litmus test of religiosity! What ever happened to the candidate being the most experienced, the most learned?

I'm with Valerie, I mean, whatever blows your hair back, but when it comes to legislation, keep your damn religion to yourself.

Well, unless we're talking about the Great Spaghetti Monster. I mean, he is the final truth, after all. May you be touched by his noodly appendage......