Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rolling rolling rolling

Yes, I'm still on the wagon - ending my second month of Chocolate Abstention. My resolve was almost shattered when I saw display of Joseph Schmidt's truffles the other day. Apparently J.S. confections has been bought out by a competitor and their online site no longer offers their Slicks or Mosaics. I'm glad they no longer exist as a temptation... but very depressed too, knowing that when I do eventually fall off the wagon they won't be there waiting for me. *sob*

Anyway. Finished BioShock which definitely got two thumbs up from me in all categories: music, voice work, graphics, playability, theme, storyline, etc. 'Normal' mode was, at times, a bit more challenging than I was expecting.

Still rebuilding stuff in SecondLife (before & after pics coming soon), and am eagerly anticipating the Havok 4 phsyics engine update, it should make some of the projects I've shelved viable.

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