Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A day for politics

I sent a short thank you e-mail to Jerry Sanders for his choosing to sign rather than veto the amicus brief that the San Diego City Council voted to join, asking that the California Supreme Court overturn the ban on gay marriage.

And, unrelatedly, out of annoyance, I finally unsubscribed from MoveOn.org:
    You attack everything, the small issues and the large.
    It's trivialized the real issues and makes you sound like crackpots.

    I'm tired of the hype, you've become as toxic as the right-wingers
    in your daily attacks and I'm sick of it.

    Where the hell is "Moderates.org" so I can sign on with them instead?


Valerie said...

Kinda with you on these both...

Jopsy said...

=) Of course, I haven't abandoned the left .... I'll keep sending money to GreenPeace as long as Bush is in office. ;)