Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Honest and True?

Some inane wordplaythought for today.

"Data" and "Facts" exist aplenty. Books can have facts... but that
doesn't make them knowledgable or intelligent.

"Information" and "Intelligence" are a bit more elusive and come
from studying how data and facts relate to each other.

"Knowledge", and "Truth" comes from seeing how information
and intelligence pertains to one's self and the world around us.
The closer to reality one's knowledge is, the more "True" it becomes.

"Truths" that pertain to things which cannot be seen, touched
measured, tested, interpreted etc... is nothing more than "Hope".
(at least I hope that's right)

"Wisdom" is the result when one's truths become themselves "true"
or aligned with reality in ways that are relevant and non-contradictory.

Too many people get wrapped up in calling flat dogma as "Truth"
and ignore the process of becoming wise. To reject intelligence,
(the steady gathering of data and information from reality) and
embrace someone else's "Hopes" despite lack of, or contradictory
evidence... is not "Wise". What it is, is "Foolish".

This flat dogma is my truth. Don't be a fool, go find your own.

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