Saturday, September 5, 2009


The trip to Yellowstone was quite enjoyable. And it most definitely did not suck having a room on the 3rd floor of the 'old' part of the Old Faithful Inn facing the infamous geyser itself! =)

While I normally tend to leave the photography to people with better cameras, I did a little myself, and, for fun, created some "Crossed Eye Stereograms". To view them, click on the image to enlarge, sit back a little and then cross your eyes so that you "See Double". If you see four images you're over-doing it.

If you have trouble, make sure not looking at the image from an angle, hold your thumb up midway between you and the image. Focus on your thumb and then slowly move your thumb closer to your nose. At some point your focus should 'lock on' to image behind your thumb. =)

Some if the images work out better than others.. the one with the trees and the river seems to work best for most people.

Still culling through the rest of the pics, and will post a few more when I've whittled the set down to 5 of the best.


Valerie said...

I LOVE crossed-eye stereograms! I free-fuse beautifully, as befits a former vision scientist, and these are awesome and jumpy-outy.

How'd you do these?

Jopsy said...

Heh.. nothing more scientific than... snap... jump to the left and snap again, and then using photoshop to align/crop/frame the two images side by side =D

I'm thinking of making a little double periscope lens thingie to hold up in front of the camera just for fun... =)

Like you I "free-fuse" easily, (maybe too easily, a lot in this world makes me go cross-eyed! ;)

Anonymous said...

Way cool! Can I view the stereograms in Second Life? heh.