Friday, May 1, 2009

A week on Harbor Island

So, despite threat of Swine Influenza... I'm on the non-left coast for the week... at the peach colored house in the middle here:

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The panorama from the back porch:The view from the front porch:

The wildlife out here is something else. "The beach is a buffet... and everyone's on the menu." We could see everything from the Osprey carrying off fish... the dolphins and sharks churning up the surf... the pelicans and ?herons? smacking into the water... pale white ghost crabs scuttling around at night... and the horseshoe crab mating season. (photo borrowed from my cousin Sam).


etselec said...

I am insanely jealous.

Anonymous said...

Ahh.. there you are! I was hunting high and low for you, Fearing the worst. And here you are off having fun on a trip filled with Beachfront deliciousness. You are SO in trouble when you get back!

~Ethereal Fellinoid~