Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Issues

Haven't had much to say lately. Things are serene and satisfactory, personally, though I'm a bit sad that George Carlin is no longer with us.

I recently heard a quip, I forget where: "If God opposes gay marriage so much... why is the mid-west being punished instead of California?" (referring to the flooding).

I'm sure there are those that will think that it was their job to stop California.

I'm still somewhat befuddled by the nay-sayers, those defense of marriage, 'one man one woman' types.

Why is it they fail to understand that Gay marriage is quite simply None of Their Business.

Whom I trust, whom I confide in, whom I sleep with, whom I love... whom I CHOOSE to build a life with (or not)... is no one's business but my own (and whomever might be directly involved.)

If that partnership resembles a lifelong loving commitment which government and religions normally refer to and treat as 'marriage' ... then it would be dishonest and deceptive to call it anything else... regardless of the personal arrangements of fleshy bits.

The possibility to produce offspring 'naturally' is not a requirement for 'marriage'... if it is, then the marriages of infertile couples should be annulled... and no woman past menopause should be allowed to marry.

"The Bible Says..." ... many other things that modern society flat out chooses to ignore as irrelevently outdated. But people still look for those loopholes that allow them to exploit other humans under their God's laws. Salome Witches... Canaanites... Heretics... Muslims... anytime grabby greedy people get ambitious they use religion to empower their faithful... and prey upon the 'outsiders'. How 'Christian'.

So... two men are seen holding hands walking down the street, and some five year old child will ask why. Not because it's unusual... but because children ask 'why?' about EVERYTHING. Does it do "violence to children" (as the pope implied about same gender parents) to see two people holding hands affectionately? No.. the fear is that the children might think that that behavior is 'acceptable' if exposed to it. God forbid.

But 'acceptability' has nothing to do with Gender Identity and Preference. (note: Being 'gay' and being 'transgendered' are NOT the same thing. I know men who wish they were women who also happen to have little to no interest in men.) People harbor 'unacceptable' longings for things they can not have, whether it's being a different gender, or the love of someone unavailable or incompatible. Attraction to another human being ranges from unwavering repulsion to lascivious obsession, with a large middle area of "just not interested either way".

Can some people choose to form a lasting 'loving' commitment with someone they are only marginally attracted to? Certainly. Can that happen if there's an unwavering revulsion? Rather unlikely.

What I must conclude from the "hide the gays from our children" types is that they want their potentially gay child to grow up in ignorance, and to 'settle' for someone they find utterly unattractive. I'm sure that'll make for a lasting marriage.

I've said it before... somewhere... "If you want to defend marriage, do something about the divorce rate first."

Obligatory trite cliche: "Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter."


slothbear said...

When I told my mom I wanted to bring home my college boyfriend of two years... to sleep in the same bedroom... she said no. Separate bedrooms, fine. She thought it was reasonable to endure a slight inconvenience to protect my 8-year old brother. He knew I was gay (from an 8-year old perspective). How does hiding sleeping arrangements protect him? I found out later, my brother told my boyfriend ... that I was mean for not letting him sleep with me.

Krissy said...

Jopsy - Well said!

Jopsy said...

Thanks Krissy =)

And to Slothbear... I could understand a parent not wanting their child (even of adult age) to have sex under the same roof. It must be as horrific to them (regardless of whether it's straight or gay)... and the prospect of your own parents going at it in the next room.

There's definitely an "eww" factor when it comes to blood relatives and sex! =)

Tamson said...

Hear, hear! Having recently done the deed, I just don't see what the big deal is about letting gay people get married. I mean, come on, think of the revenue marriage generates! Between the county fees and the cost of a wedding, think of all that wealth being circulated - I thought that's really what the conservatives are all about - money.

And I agree, just because your bible tells you so, doesn't mean it has anything AT ALL to do with my life and certainly has no place in legislation.

And finally, the "one man, one woman" crowd treat marriage as something mystical. The only difference between the day before our wedding and the day after was that now my husband has adequate health insurance and I'm wearing an extra ring. As lovely as our wedding was, the fundamentals of our relationship were unchanged from Saturday to Sunday.