Sunday, March 23, 2008

Okay fine

I'm *finally* feeling recovered from the twelve-day cold from hell, and in time for a nice warm dry allergy-tickling Santa Anna. Yay.

A few micro-rants:
* McCain's "Senior Moments" are terrifying. Please, no more morons in the White House.
* Bush gutted the executive intelligence/surveillance oversight group. More shameless CYA.
* Easter and Spring are bringing the "anti-gay-marriage" bigots out in record numbers.

I recently watched 'Southland Tales' (by the same guy that did 'Donnie Darko' of which I'm fond). I'm not sure how I feel about Southland Tales so far and will give it another shake to be fair.

It certainly embodied the distracted chaotic self-entitlement and absurdity that so much of the world seems wrapped up in. There are times when it feels like the inmates have taken over the bus... too busy fighting over the driver's seat to notice the "Bridge Out!" signs.

Anyway. If the beginning of spring is this hot... what will summer bring?

Oh... and to top it all off... someone seems to be spoofing email spam about "Replica Watches" as me. Great. Grrr....


Valerie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Don't worry, the Santa Ana is gone and we're to get fog and maybe misting rain this weekend!

The person spamming as me is telling folks that I "increased my penis size in just 5 days." That wouldn't be too difficult...

Jon Bonnell said...

Southland Tales is HORRIBLE.

It was perfect in almost EVERY way (art, directing, cinematography, acting, et al) EXCEPT there was no story. None, nadda, niet, nein, NO STORY.

Jopsy said...

(Grins at Valerie... "Borrowing someone else's equipment doesn't count as 'increasing' ;) ;))

Jon- I agree... but in a bizarre way the non-story aspect seemed deliberate. Kind of echoing/mocking the depthless sound-bite culture the U.S. has turned into.

Like the more recent Star Wars movies, it got more caught up in painting a specific universe, in which the characters themselves were utterly secondary.

People don't identify with worlds as well as they identify with people. Probably why Donnie Darko and the first Star Wars movies were so much more engaging.