Tuesday, January 29, 2008


How do you blog? Do you make outlines, notes, plans... do you save and hash out a draft and when all is perfect finally hit that 'Publish' button?

Or... are you more like me, an unformed idea just insists on being let OUT! You dash some words together, think it looks good enough and so you just slap that 'Publish' button the moment you're done? And then, of course, you re-read the drivel you just typed, now that it's out there for everyone to see, and panic. You whack that 'Edit' button as fast as possible, correcting punctuation, removing duplicate words, changing entire sentences, etc.... all with manic urgency.

The (obsolete) term "posthaste" seems all too appropriate, I think.

And... thanks to Adam Marker in Second Life, for both the discussion that sparked this entry... and for pointing me at a very silly YouTube clip spoofing 'current issues' in Second Life, called: Hitler Explains SecondLife


Sofian said...

I am rather like you!
Even if I try to be careful before publishing my own ramblings, I always have something to change afterwards.
But I don't panic, I see so many blogs with so many bad wordings...which is not the case of yours!

Jopsy said...

Aww... *Blush* =) That's cause I whack out the bad wordings in a frantic panic. ;)