Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The San Diego Reader!

The Second Lives of San Diegans

The issue is finally in circulation! Woot! (And no, that's not me on the cover!)

A few comments about the article:

I haven't made any YouTube.com videos... those were created/submitted by other people, using things I've made. :)

I started in Second Life in Jan 2004, it actually started several months prior.

The "history of virtual reality" is "from my perspective". A historian I am not.

Officially, it is "Linden Lab" not "Linden Labs", I made that error myself ages ago.

The exchange rate was really around L$268 to the US dollar, not L$168, which makes my lamps "a buck or less", not a few dollars each. :) (some are *MUCH* cheaper)

I wish I were "one of the richest" residents in SL, but no. I do have a fair bit of land that I could sell for a decent price, but I'm still far from getting my initial investment back.

And, a very nit-picky pedantic clarification, Linden Lab didn't actually "disable" Starax's scripts, they reduced how many and how quickly any object can create new objects... The scripts in Starax's wand still tried to operate, but acted like a sports car racing down a freeway suddenly paved with speed bumps. Ouch! (Some of those limits were backed out later, I'm not sure whether his wand is still affected or not.)

Clearly, it is impossible to 'sum up' Second Life into anything less than a full book , but I think, but Geoff's article definitely captures some great perspectives on the crazy world we Second Lifers like to play in! =)

(Thanks to Caern, Khamon, Whystler, and others that I spoke of indirectly in the interview. :))


Deb said...
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Deb said...

I read the article yesterday, and then spent the day experimenting in my new body at SL.

I'll stop by your particle lab soon to see what I can learn. This is truly exciting stuff.

I suppose you are right about "the hardest thing about Second Life is finding what you're into"...except I've been unemployed for awhile (cubicle refugee) and so have had the time to get to know myself. I'm rambling....

See you around town.

Tamson said...


Article was cool, but the online version doesn't have the picture of you! Any way you could scan it in?

Way cool blog, my dear. So glad I stumbled on it. (too much surfing, not enough work - your tax dollars being wasted by ME!)

Jopsy said...

Welcome Deb! When I found SecondLife I was a "Cubicle refugee" myself... it still takes a while to figure out what floats your boat or melts your butter... (and, that can be quite literal in SecondLife!)

Hiya Tamson! No worries, if my tax dollars are ending up in your pocket, I certainly wouldn't consider them wasted! ;)

Catalin said...

Good for people to know.