Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scandal and Shame

How many more anti-gay advocates are going to be outed ?!

Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) - footsie with cops in airport bathrooms
Representative Mark Foley (R-Florida) - chasing underage boys
Representative Richard Curtis (R-Washington) - a transvestite hiring rent boys
Representative Bob Allen (R-Florida) - hungry for hot dogs in a public park's bathroom
Reverend Ted Haggard - substance abuse and paying for man sex

And oh so very many more...

These liars promote homophobia by championing anti-gay issues.

Are they trying to get themselves gay-bashed by the bigots they're helping?!

Too many kind, loving people with integrity have been harmed by intolerance already.

If it were up to me, "Thou shalt not commit hypocrisy" would be the first of the 11 commandments. These idiots need to be shamed and shunned... along with the rest of the offensive liars that refuse to live by the very laws they claim to hold dear.

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