Monday, August 6, 2007


One of the best overviews of SecondLife history and culture (that I've seen so far) can be read *Here*.

I cheated today. Sort of. The Chicken Mole burrito is about the only thing I can still order at Elena's, the rest disagrees with me. Mole has chocolate in it. It does not, however, contribute to the obsessive cravings for chocolate that occur the day after having chocolate candy... the avoidance of which was the whole point of swearing off chocolate in the first place.

Unrelatedly, today is August 6th. Words were said which will result in changes.

More on that soon.


Elinoire said...

Yay! I (finally) found your blog!

But... it's really kinda hard to read. Wee* white writing on a black background? I tried highlighting it to read but then everything just turned YELLOW. Yuck.

Enough criticism. Now I'm catching up on your posts.

*I can use this word because Valerie defined it for you this weekend. ;-)

Geoff Bouvier said...

I'm doing a cover story for The San Diego Reader about Second Life, and I'm looking for at least five locals who play the game . . . Are you interested? . . . Can you help me get in touch w/ others? . . . Please call me soon regarding this . . . Thanks . . . Geoff Bouvier (619) 347-0793

Jopsy said...

=) Okay okay... I changed the template, should be easier to read now with dark print on a lighter background! :)

Good talking with you Geoff! Hope the article comes together well! =)